Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Radio23, a station I present a show on every Monday from here in Brighton, UK from Ten - Midnight (Gmt) and we will go 'Live' on April 18th. Having been in test mode over the last few months it now has over 100 DJ's from all over this beautiful planet of hours each playing weekly two hour shows of every conceivable genre. Some of the most forward thinking shows on any station in the world you will hear on Radio23.org.

As the way for listening to radio for many people has changed dramatically over the last few years and with people creating radio shows from their bedrooms, there is now huge demand from listeners to hear shows that really interest them and that will play the music that they like. You don't have to listen to your crappy, commercial 'pay to play' station any longer.

is a legal station which pays it's fees to artists etc and so of course will be looking for donations etc. At the moment while in test mode, Jeff, the brainchild behind this huge task has paid all fees and when we go live, unless dj's can get some donations/sponsorship, they will be paying out of their own pocket to play. However, this blog is not designed to ask for donation or sponsorship as you will be able to do that seperately on the radio23 website when it's up and running very soon.

I have created this blog so i can post playlists for my shows (although they too will be shown on the radio23 webpage when it's finished) and to keep in touch with listeners. In the meantime this is just to say Hi and hope you will enjoy listening to radio23.org and I will be updating this blog regualarly with any exciting news.

Drift on...

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